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“Through blood work to test for another issue at age 2, we learned my daughter was anemic. We started her on Flintstones with Iron at the time and she has taken them for years. She is now 8, and while she has a very healthy diet in general, she just does not like meat or many other sources of protein I could substitute. I wanted to find something that only addressed the iron need, she really doesn’t need a multi-vitamin and I wasn’t thrilled with the artificial components in the Flintstones. I decided to try these after reading the reviews. My daughter can be very picky, doesn’t like new or different things when it comes to medicines or vitamins, but she really likes these. After initial hesitation to try one, she gave them a thumbs up, high praise coming from her! I will definitely continue to use these and would recommend them to anyone who has a picky eater or one who doesn’t like change.” Amy - Happy Amazon Customer

Dasha - Happy Mom

Anna L - Happy Customer