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Trusted by parents and loved by kids

Built with the foundation of providing an honest, safe, and quality product, Vitamin Friends has always put family first. With quality at the fore-front, we will always put our Vitamin Family first.

Natural & non-GMO

At Vitamin Friends we use as many all natural ingredients as possible. We are also proud to be one of the few gummy supplement manufacturers who understand the importance of using pectin vs. gelatin in our products. 

Top 9 allergen free
All Vitamin Friends products are made in an Allergy-Free Facility. The process in which we keep this is rigorous and is a top priority for us at the factory.

Certified allergen free, vegan, kosher.

We at Vitamin Friends believe you should have the knowledge behind the highest quality certifications that our manufacturing facility has sought & obtained.

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Iron Supplementation can help you with Iron deficiency. Your doctor may recommend that you take iron supplements to increase the iron in your body.

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