Red Sneakers for Oakley is committed to educating and advocating for food allergy awareness.

Today the Red Sneakers have become the worldwide symbol that represents the urgent need for allergy awareness and greater educational research into this escalating epidemic.

Oakley was the 11-year-old son to Robert and Merrill, and twin brother to Olivia Debbs. He suffered from both extreme asthma and an allergy to nuts. The Debbs believe that Oakley’s allergies were not properly diagnosed and that the necessary precautions were never discussed regarding the onset or severity of anaphylaxis. After the tragic death of Oakley due to a fatal allergic reaction to a walnut extract, the Debbs quickly started Red Sneakers for Oakley. Oakley loved his red sneakers and the family quickly realized they should use these sneakers as a powerful symbol for increased education and awareness for all people. Red Sneakers for Oakley immediately gained national exposure through supporters wearing red sneakers and posting their photos on social media. They have since launched a multi-pronged approach to enable its mission and mobilize people to take action.




Being Allergen-Free was something that Vitamin Friends
focused on from the beginning.
The next step was finding who we could
partner with to create a positive impact
on the allergen community.
Vitamin Friends is focused
on bringing allergy awareness to the
forefront of the gummy vitamin and
supplement industry. Every ingredient used
in our gummies are Top 8 Allergen Free Certified.
Providing education on the importance
of allergen-free vitamins is exactly
why we are proud to partner with RSFO.
Together we can provide nutritional supplements
that are safe for everyone!

The goal for the

RSFO x Vitamin


partnership is to

be an allergy

champion that

can be trusted

by parents and

loved by kids.



A practical approach to vitamin and mineral
supplementation in food allergic children

The management of food allergy in children requires
elimination of the offending allergens, which significantly
contribute to micronutrient intake. Vitamin
and mineral supplementation are commonly suggested as part of dietary management. READ MORE

How to Choose A Vitamin and
Mineral Supplement for Food Allergy

Living with a food allergy, or more than one
may place you at risk for certain nutrient deficiencies
and may make you wonder whether you need a multivitamin... READ MORE