Autism Hope Alliance


Over $2 million (combined) through our programs to help families

Autism Hope alliance has donated to help support other non-profits over $500k, which has helped over 3,000 families nationwide.
Produced “Special Foods for Special Needs”, an instructional DVD to educate parents on shopping in a health food market.

Through collaboration with the top experts in Autism, AHA wrote and produced the “Autism: What the Experts Know” resource booklet. We are proud that through grant funding, we are able to distribute thousands of booklets to families for free across the country. To date, over 40,000 have been printed.

To date, the Autism Hope Alliance has helped give education resources and spread HOPE to over 55,000 families through the lectures they have given and the conference attended.

Sponsor of the Autism Grass Roots Tour, which traveled to 36 states, giving free lectures to over 4,000 families.


The partnership between our two organizations started in an incredible (yet familiar) way. The need for something better, that was able to be inclusive. When we were approached by Kristin of the Autism Hope Alliance, there couldn’t have been a better match.

What it came down to is that our gummies were different, unique but most of all functional, especially for the Autism Community. Our Iron gummies were something that caught their eye and for a good reason, there’s nothing else like it. According to one study, children with autism spectrum disorder had lower hemoglobin levels than those without ASD (1)

Finding a gummy line that can cover iron deficiency, cognitive improvement, immunity and more was something fit hand in hand with the AHA.

The AHA has been involved in many projects that are all aimed towards assisting, educating and helping the community. Since the start of our partnership we have wanted to make sure we do anything possible to aid the AHA in their mission. Being “Autism Approved” is amazing and we cannot wait for the future of this partnership!

1. Gunes, S., Ekinci, O., & Celik, T. (2017). Iron deficiency parameters in autism spectrum disorder: clinical correlates and associated factors. Italian journal of pediatrics, 43(1), 86. doi:10.1186/s13052-017-0407-3