Vol. 1: What are the Necessary Vitamins Kid's Need?

Vol. 1: What are the Necessary Vitamins Kid's Need?

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Being a vitamin brand, we get asked many questions surrounding vitamins! So, we have decided to make a 2-part series that will on focus on children and adults. In this blog, we will be focusing on tiny humans! We will discuss what vitamins are necessary for kids, where to find them, and if taking daily vitamins is necessary! We’re super pumped!

But first things first…a disclaimer! We at Vitamin Friends believe that everyone has the right to choose what they put into their bodies. Our belief when it comes to taking vitamins is that it is meant to fill in the missing gaps in your diet! We are huge believers that getting your vitamins and nutrients straight from the source is ideal! What source might you ask? Food! You know, the yummy stuff! Now that’s out of the way, let’s get into the fun stuff!


What vitamins are essential for children? According to CDC, the three important vitamins that children need are Vitamin D, Iron, and Zinc. Just an FYI, our vitamins include these bad boys! But, before we show off the goods, let’s dive into what these vitamins/minerals are good for and where to naturally get them!

Let’s start off with one known as “the sunshine vitamin”, Vitamin D! This vitamin is important because it aids in building strong bones, which is VERY important in developing children. You can find vitamin D in foods like salmon, eggs, mushrooms, cow milk, or yogurt. Or like we mentioned before, you can get it directly from the sun! (just be sure to use SPF!). If a child has low vitamin D levels, then they may develop rickets, a condition where their bones soften and cause pain and deformities.

Next, Iron! This mineral performs as a helper for red blood cells in carrying oxygen through the body. If there is no oxygen in our blood, a tricky disease called Anemia is born! Iron is def important! Plus, it supports a child’s ability to learn too! Now that’s a bonus if we’ve ever heard one! There is a good amount of iron in red meat (15%), seafood, poultry, and eggs. But if a kosher or vegetarian diet is being followed, then tofu, beans, lentils, or dark green vegetables are your best bet!

Lastly, zinc! This mineral is good for immune function, wound healing, and (interestingly) the sense of smell and taste! You can find this little miracle worker in foods like beef and pork, dairy, fish, shellfish, and beans. Also, beans, legumes, and seeds are great alternatives if meat consumption is a big No-No! and if it couldn’t get any better, dark chocolate holds around 3.3 mg of zinc! We knew chocolate was a healthy option! Don’t need to regret those late nights…anyways, all of these vitamins are strongly recommended for children by the CDC itself!


Now, the burning question of the hour is, do kids need to take supplements every day? That depends on what their doctor recommends or what their parents decide! The same goes for adults! (we will get into that later). The bottom line is child development is extremely important and should be taken seriously! We make our vitamins for those looking for an extra boost of wellness! Plus, it doesn’t hurt they taste delicious!


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