Vitamin Friends Gummies  are Allergen Free, Guaranteed


"Up to 32 million Americans, including 1 in 13 children, have a food allergy, and nearly 40 percent of these children have already experienced a severe or life-threatening reaction." FARE FOOD ALLERGY AND RESEARCH EDUCATION

All Vitamin Friends products are made in an Allergy-Free Facility. The process in which we keep this is rigorous and is a top priority for us at the factory. Along with our other certifications, this is one that also sets us apart from the rest. We are proud to be one of the few TOP 8 ALLERGEN FREE supplement manufacturing facilities.

Our supplements will NEVER contain any of the following:

  • Milk
  • Eggs
  • Peanuts
  • Shellfish (such as crab, lobster, shrimp)
  • Tree Nuts (such as almonds, cashews, walnuts)
  • Fish (such as bass, cod, flounder)
  • Wheat (gluten)
  • Soybean


Approximately 32 million people in the United States have food allergies. (7,8,9)

Nearly 11 percent of people age 18 or older – more than 26 million adults – have food allergies. (7,8)

Results from a 2015-2016 survey of more than 38,000 children indicate that 5.6 million children, or nearly 8 percent, have food allergies. (8,9) That’s one in 13 children, or roughly two in every classroom.

About 40 percent of children with food allergies have multiple food allergies (more than one food to which they’re allergic).(9)

32 Million Americans Have Food Allergies

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8. United States Census Bureau Quick Facts (2015 and 2016 estimates).
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Nut Allergies More Than Tripled


In the United States, the prevalence of childhood peanut or tree nut allergy appears to have more than tripled between 1997 and 2008 (12).  

12.SichererSH, Muñoz-Furlong A, Godbold JH, Sampson HA. US prevalence of self-reported peanut, tree nut, and sesame allergy: 11-year follow-up. J Allergy Clin Immunol. 2010; 125(6):1322-1326.



About one in three children with a food allergy reports being bullied as a result. Among children with allergies to more than two foods, over half report being bullied due to food allergy.(24) Compared to children who do not have a medical condition, children with food allergy are twice as likely to be bullied. (25)

24.ShemeshE, Annunziato RA, Ambrose MA, Ravid NL, Mullarkey C, Rubes M, Chuang K, Sicherer M, Sicherer Child and parental reports of bullying in a consecutive sample of children with food allergy. Pediatrics 2013; 131:e10-e17.

25.Herbert L,Shemesh E, Bender B. Clinical management of psychosocial concerns related to food allergy. J Allergy Clin Immunol Pract. 2016; 4(2):205-213.

Food Allergy Impacts Quality of Life


Food allergies are a big factor that influences daily choices. Recent studies have demonstrated that children who have food allergies were found to be smaller than other children. Studies also show that children who are allergic to more than two foods were smaller than children who were only allergic to one or two foods.

Nutrients are necessary for proper growth and development. Removing two or more important foods can result in poor nutrition. So, it is important to meet your child's nutritional needs with a balanced diet.

Lost Nutrients due to Milk Allergy
Lost Nutrients due to Egg Allergy
Lost Nutrients due to Soy Allergy
Lost Nutrients due to Wheat  Allergy
Lost Nutrients due to Nut Allergy
Lost Nutrients due to Fish Allergy


All Vitamin Friends products are made in an Allergy-Free Facility. The process in which we keep this is rigorous and is a top priority for us at the factory.

We at Vitamin Friends believe you should have the knowledge behind the highest quality certifications that our manufacturing facility has sought & obtained.

Vitamin Friends Immune, Iron, and Focus

We are very proud to be one of the few gummy supplement manufacturers who understand the importance of using pectin vs. gelatin in our products.

At Vitamin Friends we use as many all natural ingredients as possible. Our coloring is from fruits and vegetables, along with our flavoring. You will see ingredients such as Apple Concentrate or Carrot Juice.