Multivitamin Gummies Are Back! Back Again! Tell A Friend!

Multivitamin Gummies Are Back! Back Again! Tell A Friend!

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Just a quick update from Vitamin Friends about our Multivitamin Gummies!

You have been asking and we can finally, happily, and did we say finally? That our Kids Multivitamin is BACK! Yes, set your clocks, it's happening, it's happening! 18 Vitamins & Minerals plus your choline, don't forget about that one. Choline is a great addition that you normally don't see in Multi's, well we aren't your normal, everyday average multi.

What's great about this Multivitamin is that it fills in those nutritional gaps without overlapping the other Vitamin Friends SKUs. When we formulated this, we worked with partners to determine what the nutritional issues were that are affecting kids in the U.S.? Where are we seeing patterns of deficiencies and where did we not need to worry. That was how we landed on the 18 vitamins and minerals and choline!

What are these 18 vitamins & minerals you ask?

Vitamin A - best known for vision, eye health, and cell growth*

Vitamin C - best known for being a powerful antioxidant and boosting immune health*

Vitamin D3 - best known for absorption of calcium, and phosphorus and facilitating immune function*

Vitamin E -  best known for antioxidant effects, proper immune function, and reducing oxidative damage*

Thiamine - best known for helping your body turn food into energy*

Riboflavin - best known for helping the breakdown of fats, proteins, and carbohydrates*

Niacin - best known for obtaining energy from the food we eat*

Vitamin B6 - best known for protein, carb, and fat metabolism*

Folate - best known for maintaining and optimizing overall bodily functions*

Vitamin B12 - best known for assisting in red blood cell formation*

Biotin - best known for converting food into energy*

Pantothenic Acid (B5) - best known for its relation to blood cells and energy conversion*

Zinc - best known for immune function as well as growth and development*

Selenium - best known for its relation to metabolism and thyroid function*

Copper - best known for assistance in red blood cell production, development of bone and absorption of iron*

Manganese - best known for nervous and enzyme system support*

Chromium - best known for its role in metabolism of nutrients*

Choline - best known for its relation to healthy brain development & muscle movement*

They all work hand in hand to give you a well-rounded supplement routine that keeps you and your little ones healthy and happy all day long!

Try them today: 

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