May 20th: International Red Sneakers Day!

May 20th: International Red Sneakers Day!

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Mark your calendars, May 20th is International Red Sneakers Day for food allergy awareness!

If you are not aware of the Red Sneakers for Oakley organization, read our blog post here! The Next Trend: Allergy Awareness.

A recap of RSFO, they focus on spreading awareness of food allergies and are committed to advocating for Food Allergy Awareness! We are psyched to be partnered with such an amazing organization!

This day is aimed to support friends, family, and colleagues who suffer from food allergies!

To show your support on this awesome day, all you gotta do is wear red and post on Facebook and Instagram: @redsneakersforoakley, and on Twitter: @oakley_red

You can wear a red shirt, shoes, pants, socks, whatever your *red* heart desires!

Be sure to caption your posts that relate to promoting food allergy awareness/education with a fact or personal experience, explaining International Red Sneakers Day, or telling Oakley’s story!

And use the hashtag #internationalredsneakersday, #redsneakersforoakley, #foodallergyawareness, and #livlikeoaks

For more information on this awesome day, check out their website! International Red Sneakers Day

P.S...If you use code REDSNEAKERS at checkout, you not only get 10% off, but you support RSFO directly!

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