Mother's Day: We Appreciate You!

Mother's Day: We Appreciate You!

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The day of glitz and glamour is here! No, not the Met Gala, it’s Mother’s Day! The day where we honor and celebrate those that we consider our mom! It is wildly celebrated in America with statistics estimating more than $30 billion will be spent this year! Did your jaw just drop? Just me…okay. Because we are human beings, we tend to forget certain things and one of them being special events like this! So, because we are so generous, we have some last-minute Mother’s Day gift recommendations for you!

Before we begin, we would like to remind you that Mother’s Day is not only exclusively for birth mothers. It is a day of honoring those we see as maternal figures, whether it be your grandma, your sister, your aunt, your stepmom, or someone who is non-blood related. It is celebrating those we appreciate and who have been a constant source of support for us. Love has no boundaries!mothers day

On that note, why do we celebrate this day? For some of us, it is to shower our moms with presents as a thank you, which we are sure they are perfectly fine with... It is no secret that being a parental figure to children is the toughest job there is. Stress and anxiety are common symptoms that mothers may experience when caring for little ones. Knowing how hard it can be, some of us choose to show our appreciation in gift-giving!

This brings us to our main topic of what to get mom, grandma, aunt, sister, and any other mother-figure! Now, as little kids, some of us would make a little card or coffee mug at school for Mother’s Day. But, as we grew up and got jobs, the gifts matured with us.

When it comes to gift-giving, it is best to know what your mom likes! If they love flowers, go big or go home! Big as in getting flowers delivered to them every week! Yes, there are flower delivery subscriptions that you can get them! (And P.S there are a lot of local florists to use too!) A common gift that mothers receive is jewelry! Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, and rings are some of the few things that can make your someone’s day! (as long as they’re into the bling!) A great place to get some nice pieces is Etsy! A site where small businesses thrive! They have so many goodies, be sure to check them out!

Next, treats! Who doesn’t love a good snack here and there?! If your mom likes sweets, quick, run to the candy shop! There are MANY shop options to get some good, quality candies, a quick search should help you out. Or if you really want to put your own spin on things, BAKE! Nothing like a home-cooked baked good to treat someone special in your life! If skincare or makeup is a MUST for your mom, do not be shy to splurge on that! Here are some great sustainable brands to check out!

But, if they are not into beauty products or jewelry, a simple gift card to their favorite store may suffice! Because at the end of the day, it is their time to shine!

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When finding a gift, the most important thing you can do is use your best judgment. Remember their likes and dislikes and go on from there. But if you still find it difficult, a gift card or a homemade card could be the best backup, or just simply ask what they would like! You got this; we believe in you!

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