Welcome to Vitamin Friends!

Welcome to Vitamin Friends!

Vitamin Friends Vitamin Friends
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Congrats on finding Vitamin Friends, we're happy you're here!

“Family means everything to us, which is why our goal is to benefit everyone, from the littles ones to the parents to anyone that wants to be a little bit healthy and a lotta bit happy. Welcome, you’re family now.”

What are our gummies all about?

Vitamin Friends was born out of a unique situation, one that put a mother and father in a position no parents want to be in. Our son was lacking essential nutrients and went through numerous dental issues due to the low-quality gummy vitamins that were available and there was no solution to be found.

The search for a high-quality, effective and safe children’s vitamin was one that was exhausted by us. Our son needed crucial vitamins and we did what any parents would do for their child, we persevered and found a solution. That solution was Vitamin Friends.

Our highest priority is providing parents with a brand of vitamins they can trust, 100%. Plain and simple. We have nothing to hide, we operate under complete transparency and listen to everything our customers have to say. Without the trust of families, our brand wouldn’t be where it is today so it’s crucial that we are constantly upholding that trait.

Since our start in 2012, we have worked to educate people about our story and products. Being sold nationwide at WholeFoods and Sprouts, we are honored to provide our vitamins to the entire U.S. We are also proud to have one of the best-selling children’s iron supplements in the US.

We're thrilled you chose us to fulfill your gummy vitamin needs, especially with so many choices to pick from. We hope we can meet all of your expectations and help you get happy and healthy!

Welcome friends & family!

Vitamin Friends

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